Bio & Rates

I have been writing professionally since 2003. After starting my career in newspapers, today I parlay my passion for narrative into brand publishing and technical SEO content for industry leaders like Newegg and CyberCoders.

My approach to business writing fuses straight ahead journalism and content marketing practices.

  • Interviews with relevant thought leaders that add insight and increases visibility for your content after publication.
  • A linear narrative free of jargon and fluff. I like a direct approach to the call of action because that is what readers like.
  • Overcoming typical B2B boredom with a touch of style and humor that keeps readers on the page.

Areas of  expertise:

  • Computers & networking equipment
  • SaaS offerings
  • HR/recruitment
  • Business technology & the technology business
  • Music geekdom and guitar technology

What are my rates?

Free services: It costs nothing to pick my brain or chat about a project. Introduce yourself by e-mail and expect a reply within six hours. Usually it’s faster.

Per project billing is how I work. We agree to a deadline and I deliver my best quality by that time. However long that me takes determines my hourly rate. I am incapable of sending copy that does not meet my standard. Seriously. I can’t press send. Hourly rates don’t apply to this model.

  • Corporate blog articles (550-750 words) – $200
  • Ghostwriting a placed pitch w/ original reporting (550-750 words) – $400-$500 
  • Corporate long-form, like e-Books and white papers (2000+ words) – $1,200

Please consult the AWIA rates for B2B copywriters (skip to page 28) for everything else.  These are not my hard rates, but please use them as a point of reference.