[Reddit’s Upvoted] Remembering the Grateful Dead’s LSD Cook Owsley “Bear” Stanley on the 50th Anniversary of the Acid Tests

If the psychedelic explosion that came to define the America in the 1960s has an MVP, it’s Augustus Owsley “Bear” Stanley III. Best known as the self-taught chemist that cooked millions of doses of acid for Haight-Ashbury hippies, Stanley possesses the most impressive resume known to the counter-culture.  Read more



The Mad Scientists of Bad Cat Give OC Amps a Good Name

OC Weekly, December 2015 — From the outside, Bad Cat Amplifiers looks about as sterile as any place in south Irvine—situated in a staid business park off Barranca Parkway, in a cookie-cutter one-story office building. Once you step inside the glass double-doors it’s a different trip altogether. Read full story